Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Way Things Are

When I last posted here, I was in between a bad place and a good place. I was stuck in emotional limbo so, so to say. Here I am months later, in a much better mindset. I am zen. 

Over the last few months, I have been working A LOT. Working is a spectacular cure for my tendency to over think and process things that cause me stress. I am no longer unhappy with my world. I have a wonderful husband, who I just celebrated my TWO year wedding anniversary with, and we have a one year old Miniature Schnauzer named Mopsy. She is my miracle. I had been depressed over not having my Schnauzers from back home, when my parent's were blessed with numerous puppies!

Chris and I had joked about getting a white schnauzer someday, when we were 17. Lucky enough, a few puppies were white, and one of them was a runt. I fell in love with her, even though I had only ever seen pictures. We had to wait from June 26th (her date of birth) until May 20th to bring her home to California.
We are so much in love with our fur baby.

Also, I witnessed my baby sister graduate from high school on honor roll. I am so very proud of her, and I  know that no matter what she decides to do, she will accomplish great things and go to far off and beautiful places. She is a very inspiring young lady with a kind and humorous heart. 

My parents, younger sister, and her lover boy came down from Idaho for a visit. It was awesome seeing them all withing such a short time between visits. We also went to Knott's Berry Farm while they were here. My mom is a chicken, and my dad thinks he's twenty. Haha. It was an amazing time spent with them, and I hope we see each other again soon.

Right now, I'm letting myself over think and stress a little, because sometimes you just have to.
We're moving AGAIN, at the end of this month so it is understandable But mostly, my world is at peace and I am happy that way. So I shall now crawl onto the nest Mr. CuddlesSoMuch has made on the floor of the living room, and watch the latest victim of our Tv Show Addictions.

Goodnight Darlings.

The Kitty Wumpus

Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh. Hai There.

So as I write this, I am slightly frustrated because I wrote a whole essay on here a few nights ago when my phone had a blitz while I was trying to save it. It was, probably, one of my best written posts ever. It was written so eloquently, that I cried when my phone blooped.

Anyhow... I promised a post about the Idaho trip a long time ago, but my life had been quite busy as of late. So I have been seriously behind on my postings, but for wonderful reasons!

On August 1st, I began my very first day as a working gal. I now work at Baker's Drive Thru. It is a delicious fast food chain found only in the Inland Empire of Southern California. It is such an amazing family oriented restaurant chain, and I feel privileged to work there. I was originally hired to be a drinks and dining room backup, getting maybe 20 hours a week, but I climbed up the ladder quite quickly with my fast learning mind and good work ethic. I now work the cashier and drive thru, and get 28-34 hours a week.

Thank goodness for those hours! We now have our very own little apartment, after our roommate decided to leave we spent three months barely getting by with that $924 rent. Our new apartment is a little diamond in the rough. I found her on Craigslist, after searching and looking at some pretty pricey apartments that weren't available. I saw the photos, which were awful and didn't do her any justice, but my heart and my bank account said give it a chance. We have my vinyl record up, some new furniture and a new soup pot (I can't wait to make Albóndigas again) that my in-laws got for us (gracias Blanca y Daniel), and have really settled in. I am absolutely in love with this spunky little place. Oh, did I mention its $600 a month, the power bill is super cheap and we live right next door to our favorite grocery store?! It was such a steal, and I will forever that this was a very good decision on Mr. Apprehensive and I's behaves.

Also, the love and I's relationship has grown so much since we first married. We spend much more time together, talk, and share our feelings so much easier. I believe it helps when you don't have a roommate! It's just us and it feels amazing. Having our own home is a blessing. We also will be adding a new member to the family. A sweet Schnauzer puppy that we have named Mopsy. She will hopefully be coming here within the next month from my parents in Idaho. I truly cannot wait to meet her. She will be spoiled and loved unconditionally.

And tomorrow... The much anticipated day that we have been wanting to come since forever, it seems. With the help of Blanca and Daniel, we will be purchasing our first car! YAY!!!! We are hopefully getting a little 2000 Ford Focus zx3 for 2300 (or less if we can get the owner to go lower). No more walking to work! YES!!! I will try to post pictures of the car, apartment, and puppy later.

So that was the much less eloquently written story of our lives for the last few months. I hope you enjoyed. I'm not promising anything this time. ;) Goodnight.

The Kitty Wumpus

Thursday, July 18, 2013


      So I have a confession. I have an Ikea addiction. It is not good, but then again it is, because rather than want super expensive stuff from other places, i like the simpler, more affordable things that come from IKEA. It really is an amazing store, with it's amazing options in furniture, cabinets, closets, bedroom sets, kitchenware and utensils, and so on.  It has everything you could think of, really. Even sewing machines....AND... houses that come it flat packs? WHAT? I just found out about that last one. But they are nifty little things, and Ikea has started sending them to war ridden and third world countries for refugees. IKEA = AWESOMENESS!

      As of right now, I have nothing from Ikea, however, in a few days... I shall check something off of my dream list from Ikea. The Lugnvik Sofa Bed I have been coveting since, the first time I stepped into an Ikea store with my sister Molly from MaeLiveFree and bro-law David, three summers ago.

      Among other things on that list are the Lack side tables in gloss white and the Lack coffee table in gloss red along with a small area rug for my future living room, and other lovely house goods.

      I could live in Ikea. They provide everything I could need, beds, blankets, everything. I could switch which "room" I slept in every night. Haha. It is really one of my favorite stores. I can't wait to make money and spend some, after the bills and necessities are paid of course, on Ikea shopping sprees.

     I want mine and Chris's apartment to start feeling like home. Right now it just feels like "blah" and ugly. We will be upgrading to a nicer apartment in October, which I am STOKED about. I would love to start collecting things for it, soon. Where we are now, it just doesn't feel like a home should. I want that home feeling. The warmth and energy, that a real home possesses and puts forth, just isn't here.

    Anyways, that is my IKEA rant. Here is my little list of dreams from Ikea in the form of pictures.

Über Late

     Sorry I am so late guys! We've been really busy the last two months. I promise to write all about it in the following week or two, but for right now. I am going to write a little post about Ikea. Stick around folks.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lot of Firsts

So the last month has been a little busy. To say the least. We have spent the last few weekends with Chris's family. And such fun were those weekends!

The first weekend, we spent with Chris's parents, Hassler, his aunt and uncle, and his cousin Carlos who is around Hassler's age. How did we spend it? All day Saturday at Disneyland! It was a blast, I think. We didn't go on many rides but I got to go on the three I wanted to. The Teacup ride, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain. The latter upon which Chris made a brilliant pose for the camera. His facial expression was not fake however. We spent most of the day there walking around in the shops. First time at Disney, was a success. The next day Chris and I took the kiddos to Scandia, a mini amusement park slash arcade while the adults were at a mall nearby. It was great fun, but I am like my father in that mini-golf gets really competitive when I play. I won a lot of tickets and we got a few little prizes out of that. So another success. 

The second weekend, Mother's Day weekend, we headed down to San Ysidro to spend more time with Chris's parents, his aunt and cousin. There, I had another first. We went to Seaworld. We had a blast on some of the rides they have. Chris and his dad had a blast trying to win stuffed animals in the arcade type area there. His dad won a LOT. We walked around, went to the dog show in which I had a hard time not crying because I miss my pets, Chris and I had a caricature done, went to the Dolphin show, went on one last soaking ride, and finally went to the ShamuRocks show. That night we were all exhausted and knocked right out. But I woke up to a cold and a sunburnt scalp. The next day we spent in San Diego. We got to visit a Maritime Museum, in which one of the ships from Pirates of the Caribbean was docked. Then we finished the trip with lunch at BJ's. It was a lovely weekend, but I missed my mom.

The next weekend was calmer. We stayed in the area. Then saturday, we spent with Chris's parents again for Hassler's promotion from the eighth grade. I realized I don't want him to be in highschool yet! He's only thirteen. That, made me realize my baby sister is going to be a senior this year. Where has time gone? Oh, and Chris and I are getting close to our One Year. Crazy! *sigh* I feel old. Haha. And Sunday I got out of the apartment and went clubbing at a gay bar with Joshee and our friend Tori. It was such a blast just dancing. I also met Gia, a drag queen. She was HILARIOUS to say the least. But yeah. I want to go again!

Last but not least, we are leaving to Idaho on June 3rd, the day before my 20th birthday. It is my first birthday spending it with my family since I turned 17. I am over the moon excited to see my family and friends. The best gift I could ask for. Especially since my niece, older sister, and bro-law are going to be there a few days after us! It has been a year since I saw them. A year since Lumpy was a slobbery, adorable, cheesecake covered, sweetheart in my arms. Now she looks and acts like a little woman. *sad Titi is tearing up* I have been driving myself nuts making lists of what I should pack for Chris, Hassler and I. Can it be time yet?!

Anyways, that was this month. Next months will be even better!

Mi Amor y yo en San Diego
In Disneyland

Blanca and I making funny faces.

Chris's amazing photo with R2D2

R2D2 fry holder.

Los Primos

Our Caricature

Tea Cup

Maritime Museum


Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Year Ago

A year ago I weighed a mere 103 lbs. I was super skinny, but I was healthy. My skin was clear, I didn't eat out much and when I did it was Jimmy John's subs or fish tacos (tacos were not so healthy but a guilty pleasure of mine), I didn't eat chips or bucketloads of candy, I didn't drink tons of soda. Nope, that wasn't me. But it seems now, the junk is all we eat. I weigh what I am assuming is closer to 120 now. I'm not too ashamed of that weight, I look good. But I am ashamed of how I got here.
So.... Her comes the tiny Kitty, who survived off of salads, fruits, water, and the occasional poultry dish, and lots of fish. The Kitty that was addicted to runs and long walks. I won't be super tiny. I would love to keep my weight above 110, I just want the fat gone, the muscle toned, and my skin and hair nice. Oh, and who doesn't love fruits and veggies? Delicious and healthy. Time for some spring cleaning, but it won't be the apartment. My body and the fridge. I just hope it is as easy as it use to be!!!
Anyways.... That's my little health rant.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Is The Wumpus Cat?

Right here. I know.... It's been another month. Cats easily wander off, don't ya know? So this is going to be a monthly blog unless something is VERY exciting. Well, let's see....

In the last month.... I have gotten to spend an entire day with three of my favorite people. My husband, his friend Jacob, and our dear Nallely. It was a very special day, since not one of us had seen her in quite some time (like two years). Especially, for me, because I don't bond with girls, really, but Nallely is just that AWESOME that she has burrowed herself into my heart. We ate sushi, which is kind of a tradition with this group, and spent all day talking about all of the crazy changes we have made in those two years, and us girls had a nice chat about baby fever! I'm not the only one! Haha.

We also spent time time with Chris's cousin Joanna and her husband Gonzo, at a family members birthday and then again when we invited them over for fish tacos (a specialty of mine). Joanna is another one of those girls I really enjoy talking to. Oh and I didn't mention a while back that they are expecting a little girl in September. My excitement is through the roof for them, since they have wanted this for quite a long time. I have already warned Chris that I will be spoiling baby Leia. I look at stuff for her at Walmart and other places whenever we go. Heh. But yeah... I got to feel Joanna's little bump. Jealous? Haha.

We found out that my mom bought air tickets for us to visit Idaho in June for my twentieth birthday. I am over the moon excited to see my family, and my best friend Sal. Oh, and... my niece and older sister, Molly from MaeLiveFree... who I haven't seen in a year, might just be there. I am hoping. *crosses fingers and whispers a prayer* If so, it will be a very special birthday for me!!!

Also.... We played a very aggressive game of Basketball with Chris's friend Alfred, my not so Little anymore BIL Hassler, our friend Joey and his sister Crystal. It was quite a blast. Until the next day when we were sunburnt and sore, that is. Haha.

And today... We had a good discussion on why we should wait for having children. Which went into a talk about me needing to find what I will do in the meantime. But the contents of those discussions will remain a secret. ;) Until further notice that is. But there is BIG news coming soon, so stay tuned my darlings.